all countries domains names list in world

Domain Country / Purpose Domain Country / Purpose  
.AC Ascension Island .LA Laos People's Democratic Republic  
.AD Andorra .LB Lebanon  
.AE United Arab Emirates .LC Saint Lucia  
.AERO Reserved for members of the air-transport industry .LI Liechtenstein  
.AF Afghanistan .LK Sri Lanka  
.AG Antigua and Barbuda .LR Liberia  
.AI Anguilla .LS Lesotho  
.AL Albania .LT Lithuania  
.AM Armenia .LU Luxembourg  
.AN Netherlands Antilles .LV Latvia  
.AO Angola .LY Libyan Arab Jamahiriya  
.AQ Antarctica .MA Morocco  
.AR Argentina .MC Monaco  
.ARPA Reserved exclusively to support operationally-critical infrastructural identifier spaces as advised by the Internet Architecture Board .MD Moldova, Republic of  
.AS American Samoa .ME Montenegro  
.ASIA Restricted to the Pan-Asia and Asia Pacific community .MF Saint Martin (French part)  
.AT Austria .MG Madagascar  
.AU Australia .MH Marshall Islands  
.AW Aruba .MIL Reserved exclusively for the United States Military  
.AX Aland Islands .MK Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of  
.AZ Azerbaijan .ML Mali  
.BA Bosnia and Herzegovina .MM Myanmar  
.BB Barbados .MN Mongolia  
.BD Bangladesh .MO Macao  
.BE Belgium .MOBI Reserved for consumers and providers of mobile products and services  
.BF Burkina Faso .MP Northern Mariana Islands  
.BG Bulgaria .MQ Martinique  
.BH Bahrain .MR Mauritania  
.BI Burundi .MS Montserrat  
.BIZ Restricted for Business .MT Malta  
.BJ Benin .MU Mauritius  
.BL Saint Barthelemy .MUSEUM Reserved for museums  
.BM Bermuda .MV Maldives  
.BN Brunei Darussalam .MW Malawi  
.BO Bolivia .MX Mexico  
.BR Brazil .MY Malaysia  
.BS Bahamas .MZ Mozambique  
.BT Bhutan .NA Namibia  
.BV Bouvet Island .NAME Reserved for individuals  
.BW Botswana .NC New Caledonia  
.BY Belarus .NE Niger  
.BZ Belize .NET Generic top-level domain  
.CA Canada .NF Norfolk Island  
.CAT Reserved for the Catalan linguistic and cultural community .NG Nigeria  
.CC Cocos (Keeling) Islands .NI Nicaragua  
.CD Congo, The Democratic Republic of the .NL Netherlands  
.CF Central African Republic .NO Norway  
.CG Congo .NP Nepal  
.CH Switzerland .NR Nauru  
.CI Cote d'Ivoire .NU Niue  
.CK Cook Islands .NZ New Zealand  
.CL Chile .OM Oman  
.CM Cameroon .ORG Generic top-level domain  
.CN China .PA Panama  
.CO Colombia .PE Peru  
.COM Generic top-level domain .PF French Polynesia  
.COOP Reserved for cooperative associations .PG Papua New Guinea  
.CR Costa Rica .PH Philippines  
.CU Cuba .PK Pakistan  
.CV Cape Verde .PL Poland  
.CX Christmas Island .PM Saint Pierre and Miquelon  
.CY Cyprus .PN Pitcairn  
.CZ Czech Republic .PR Puerto Rico  
.DE Germany .PRO Restricted to credentialed professionals and related entities  
.DJ Djibouti .PS Palestinian Territory, Occupied  
.DK Denmark .PT Portugal  
.DM Dominica .PW Palau  
.DO Dominican Republic .PY Paraguay  
.DZ Algeria .QA Qatar  
.EC Ecuador .RE Reunion  
.EDU Reserved for post-secondary institutions accredited by an agency on the U.S. Department of Education's list of Nationally Recognized Accrediting Agencies .RO Romania  
.EE Estonia .RS Serbia  
.EG Egypt .RU Russian Federation  
.EH Western Sahara .RW Rwanda  
.ER Eritrea .SA Saudi Arabia  
.ES Spain .SB Solomon Islands  
.ET Ethiopia .SC Seychelles  
.EU European Union .SD Sudan  
.FI Finland .SE Sweden  
.FJ Fiji .SG Singapore  
.FK Falkland Islands (Malvinas) .SH Saint Helena  
.FM Micronesia, Federated States of .SI Slovenia  
.FO Faroe Islands .SJ Svalbard and Jan Mayen  
.FR France .SK Slovakia  
.GA Gabon .SL Sierra Leone  
.GB United Kingdom .SM San Marino  
.GD Grenada .SN Senegal  
.GE Georgia .SO Somalia  
.GF French Guiana .SR Suriname  
.GG Guernsey .SS South Sudan  
.GH Ghana .ST Sao Tome and Principe  
.GI Gibraltar .SU Soviet Union (being phased out)  
.GL Greenland .SV El Salvador  
.GM Gambia .SY Syrian Arab Republic  
.GN Guinea .SZ Swaziland  
.GOV Reserved exclusively for the United States Government .TC Turks and Caicos Islands  
.GP Guadeloup .TD Chad  
.GQ Equatorial Guinea .TEL Reserved for businesses and individuals to publish their contact data  
.GR Greece .TF French Southern Territories  
.GS South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands .TG Togo  
.GT Guatemala .TH Thailand  
.GU Guam .TJ Tajikistan  
.GW Guinea-Bissau .TK Tokelau  
.GY Guyana .TL Timor-Leste  
.HK Hong Kong .TM Turkmenistan  
.HM Heard Island and McDonald Islands .TN Tunisia  
.HN Honduras .TO Tonga  
.HR Croatia .TP Portuguese Timor (being phased out)  
.HT Haiti .TR Turkey  
.HU Hungary .TRAVEL Reserved for entities whose primary area of activity is in the travel industry  
.ID Indonesia .TT Trinidad and Tobago  
.IE Ireland .TV Tuvalu  
.IL Israel .TW Taiwan  
.IM Isle of Man .TZ Tanzania, United Republic of  
.IN India .UA Ukraine  
.INFO Generic top-level domain .UG Uganda  
.INT Used only for registering organizations established by international treaties between governments .UK United Kingdom  
.IO British Indian Ocean Territory .UM United States Minor Outlying Islands  
.IQ Iraq .US United States  
.IR Iran, Islamic Republic of .UY Uruguay  
.IS Iceland .UZ Uzbekistan  
.IT Italy .VA Holy See (Vatican City State)  
.JE Jersey .VC Saint Vincent and the Grenadines  
.JM Jamaica .VE Venezuela  
.JO Jordan .VG Virgin Islands, British  
.JOBS Reserved for human resource managers .VI Virgin Islands, U.S.  
.JP Japan .VN Viet Nam  
.KE Kenya .VU Vanuatu  
.KG Kyrgyzstan .WF Wallis and Futuna  
.KH Cambodia .WS Samoa  
.KI Kiribati .YE Yemen  
.KM Comoros .YT Mayotte  
.KN Saint Kitts and Nevis .YU Yugoslavia  
.KP Korea, Democratic People's Republic of .ZA South Africa  
.KR Korea, Republic of .ZM Zambia  
.KW Kuwait .ZW Zimbabwe  
.KY Cayman Islands      
.KZ Kazakhstan