we Ourselves Improve Our Lives - Mana Brathukulni Maname Bagu Chesukundaam
Trust Aims:

Aims and Objectives of the Trust are as Follows
  • The Trust can give free Membership to those whoever interested throughout Worldwide those Trusty Members can serve their Community Members. Through their useful and needful service activities.

  • It can conduct Rallys, Meetings and Seminars to make all the Reddys Better understanding in all subject matters.

  • It can collect Donations the Donors and Organizations (Govt and non Govt Organizations) in the from of daily necessities related to food and clothes items, Vehicles Old and New, Tools, Things (Old and New) and also movable and Immovable Properties, Donations and supply to those who are in dire need freely.

  • The Trust can only do Service-Activities to those who are in need Volunteerly and it does not have any kind of Profitable intention and also it does not belong Government, Politics, Religions Tribes.

  • Every activity of all issues of the Trust be begun after making amendment with the should joint Agreement of the Trust Chairman and Vice Chairman the Formation and Cancellation of the Trust Committees etc, are under the Agreement of the Chairman and Vice Chairman only.

  • Relief Operations and Socila activities to the Victims of national Calamities like Cyclones, EarthQuakes, Tsunami and Famine etc shall be done through our Trust.

  • Free supply of Manures, Seeds, Pesticides agricultural implements. Engines and Motors to the Farmers and Financial assistance is also available through our Trust. Tractors, Harvestors, Levvelling Machines etc. are also provided to the Farmers free of cost.

  • The awareneee campaign and councelling in the usega of pesticides and scientific Agriculture to get better crops shall be conducted.

  • The Trust can receive Agriculture Lands from Donors and can Buy Land of its Own. from those Lands the Trust can start Forming and get productions like Vegetables, Rice, Friuts and Supply them to those Reddys freely.

  • Free Meals Centers will be Provided.

  • We receive Fodder from Donors and supply to those who are in need.

  • We build Cow-Sheds through our Trust and receive Cows from Donors and give them to the Poor.

  • We Collect wastage Food from Function Halls etc and supply to the Hungor people. We Conduct Awareness Programmes to the people in making them know the importance of Food/Rice.

  • We build Homes/Buildings etc and give them to the Homeless people.

  • Society Buildings, Community Halls, Function Halls, Farmers Society Buildings etc, can be Build through our Trust.

  • We can Adopt Villages, Wards, Divisions, Towns and Cities and conduct development activities through our Trust.

  • We can conducts all kinds of Camps like Health Camps, Blood-Donation Camps, Eye Camps, Medical Camps etc, and Awareness activities and Encouragement Organise Activities.

  • Through our Trust the Buildings related to Eye Bank, Blood Bank, Orphanges, Old-Age Homes, Homes for the Cripples, Hostels for Students, Children Homes etc are Build.

  • Financial Assistance can be Provided for Hospital Expenditure and free Medicines also supplied.

  • Awareness activities related to Blood Donation, Organ Donation, Eye Donation etc, are conducted and make the people ready to Donate Valunteerly.

  • Major Diseases like cancer, Aids, Sugar seasonal ailtments (diseases) etc can be brought under control through Awareness Compaign conducted with the most Experienced Doctors through our Trust.

  • Drugs, Alcohol, Gutkha, Pan, Cigarette, Beedi, Pan Masal etc related Awareness Programmes are conducted.

  • Health cards are also provided to those who are Financially low cadre and middle class people and needed people.

  • Students are also given free Text Books, Note Books articles, Vehicles (Bycyles, Bikes etc,) and Scolorships by Our Trust.

  • Educational Institutions, Computer Centers etc are also established and the poor children will be given free Education.

  • Awareness Compaign/Seminars are conducted by Inviting Educationists and Scholars Experts.

  • from Village level to National level we can collect Old and New Vehicles for the Trusts from Donors and arrange them to the Trust Committees.

  • All kinds of articles like Clothes, Dresses, Saris, Blankets (old and new) etc are collected from Donors and freely supplied to the needy.

  • Job and Employment Opportunities are provided by conducting Job Melas and also establish all kinds of institutions, Offices, Small Scale, Middle Scale and Large Scale Industries throught India.

  • We strive our level best for the Reddys Charity and conduct Unity Awareness Seminors.

  • Pure Drinking Water can be supplied to the public by establishing Drinking Water Plants and Water supply Centres.

  • We can give Awards, medals, Prizes, Cash Prizes and Memontos to those who have achieved greater recognisation by striving in different Fields/Firms etc

  • Conduct the Awareness programmes related to save Electricity, Money, Water, Sand, Petrol, Diesel and Fuel etc and make them aware know the importance.

  • We strive hard in controlling the environmental pollution, chemical, plastic, air, dust, water pollutions etc

  • Plant trees and plants and make green Cuty and Village etc by making the people know the importance of Tree Plantations and how to maintain clean and green activities.

  • We strive our level best in eradication in the fields of Child Marriages, Rapes, gang Rapes, Acid Attacks, Poverty, Freticides, Gendor descrimination Slavery, Child Labour, Dowry System, Child Trafficking and Ragging etc.

  • Birds and Animals Protection Centers are established and free ford supply can be provided.

  • To assess the talent among the students (children) the Trust can conduct Cultural activities and competitions in Songs, Games, Dance, Quiz, Essay-Writing, Elocution (lecture) all kinds of Talent Tests and Award the Winners with Medals, Shields, Cups, prizes, cash Prizes and memontos etc.

  • In our democracy our Vote is the most previous. The Vote can change the Nations Life. Activities related to how to utilize our Vote-Right in electing our local/region candidate. In making them aware we canvass the Vote Value in large scale.

  • Trust related service activities, awareness compaigns, encouragement programmes are canvassed by publishing Wall-Posters, Posters, Broachers, Books, Pamplets, Flexies, Magazines, Stickers and sending Emails, Websites, Bulk SMS, SMS, Social Network Websites, News Papers, Tv, Internet Advertisements etc.

  • -- if any unmentioned not explaired activities/issues are there related to trust can be discussed in the Trust meetings and seminors. The Trusty members can also share their opinions/ideas in the meetings.